Salsa connection & turn patterns

December 1, 2020 @ 8:15 pm – 9:15 pm
All-star dance studio
4910 tamiami trail north suite 118 naples florida

** Please read all details **
Very excited to present this class. Here’s what you can expect and what will be required.
– This is a partnership dancing class. You can rotate or choose to stay with a particular partner. Bringing a partner is not required. Leading and following is non gender specific.. So you can pick which one you’d like for yourself.
– You MUST know :
Salsa timing and basics ( either on1 and on2 or both preferably ) If you do not, the Monday night class is a necessary class to start with. As that class goes over dancing to the music, body movement, shines and turns.)
This partnership class will feature:
– Less time on warm up as it’s expected to know your basics and rhythm.
– Understanding different types of connection and what creates a good lead & follow.
– The fundamental turn patterns most commonly used and how to build your own from this.
– Measure changes, dancing to the music and more.
– Quality over quantity style class.
A little awareness about Anthony (the instructor for these classes) :
I’ve been grateful to serve the dance community for over 13 years now. Not only do I love dance, but I love teaching. I bring a knowledge and expertise that will help dancers of any level reach new heights.. I’m excited to share this gift with everyone wanting to be present. Feel free to reach out with any questions regarding this class format and teaching modalities.
$20 / person