Your instructor: 

For Anthony, what started as a social pastime has exploded into an ever-growing passion for the art of Latin Dance and quest for knowledge in body movement, teaching techniques and performance/competition showmanship.

Having studied and trained at various dance schools in the art of Ballroom and Latin Dance ensures quality you can count out. Anthony has been actively teaching and serving the SWFL dance community for over 14 years and loves to help those wanting to elevate their dance.

For Anthony, creative expression is a way of life. Dance has been segue of helping to shape him inside and out; on and off the stage. With an assertive, yet humble approach; Anthony believes dance is a great vehicle to help others conquer fears and live a more balanced, healthy lifestyle. Anthony’s approach is genuine & inviting, helping anyone who trains with him to understand the how, what and why to reach their goals.

From Anthony: “My role as a teacher is to not take, but to give the knowledge, tools & practical application for each person that trains with me. A responsibility to help demystify illusion & delusion. This means my approach isn’t based on what I want, avoiding the auto pilot approach of creating dance robots, but how to help empower others to reach their goals. I view this as both an honor and obligation of any teacher.”

Anthony carries multiple credentials including teaching people of all ages and levels; both kids and adults.

Accomplishments and Credentials:


2013 International Salsa championship Orlando, Fl 3rd place
2014 World Salsa Summit Rising star Salsa Cabaret Miami, Fl 1st place
2015 Global Salsa Rising star Salsa Cabaret Miami, Fl 2nd place


2008 Dancing Classrooms training New York
2014 Judges intensive program Miami, Fl


2013 Featured in American Dancer Magazine page 35 For Competing at the 2013 World Games in Cali, Colombia
2014 June 6: Podcast interview with Rob Castellucci 

Throughout 2008 – present day at many venues including cruise ships and salsa festivals.