All about your dance

We realize everyone has different dance goals and reasons for dancing. Being that we are a competitive team, we understand how important goals are for any level of dancer.

Value in goals:

Any skill you have today is a combination of time, dedication, desire and practice. The more time and practice you have (provided you are learning it correctly) the better you will get at that skill. Dance is a skill. Being that we are a company built on personal dance goals we understand the time and value in setting goals to improve efficiently regardless the level of dance desired.

How to do it?

We take the guess work out for you since we’ve been through this process! Basically tell us the level dancer you desire to be (example: just to have fun and meet people, gain confidence, to be able to dance with any random person and lead or follow them, perform, etc etc)
It’s simple: Email or talk to us in person, we can establish simple short term and long term goals and most efficient way to get there! We are available daily to fit your schedule via private lesson. This is the most efficient use of both your time and money. Don’t forget, you can practice what you’ve learned at many of our dance events: most of which are free.

We look forward to hearing from you!